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Khalid Maqbool & Sons
Email us at info@saltlampfactory.com

Himalayan Salt

Manufacturer of Himalayan Salt & Salt Products

Khalid Maqbool & Sons is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan salt and all types of natural salt related products. Since 2003, we have been serving the diverse needs of our customers throughout the world. 
We mine, manufacture and deliver our own Himalayan Salt processed under the strictest guidelines into different edible and industrial products including 
  • Nutritional Natural Salt Lick for horses, livestock and wildlife.
  • Edible Grade Salt: Fine & Coarse grinds and special Black Salt for flavorful cooking
  • Snow melting, De-Icing Road Salt
  • Industrial Salt for Glass Making, Waste and Water Treatment, Pharmaceuticals etc.
We also produce a wide range of decorative products skillfully hand crafted from Himalayan salt such as 
  • Natural Shaped Salt Lamps: Known the world over for their colorful glow when lit from within using country specific electrical cords and bulbs
  • Sculpted Salt Lamps: Including Salt Pyramids, Salt Bowls filled with Natural Salt Rocks, Salt Spheres,
  • Salt Tea Lamps in a multitude of shapes and sizes popular for their romantic glow and their negative ion generation.
  • Aromatic Diffusers that heat and deliver essential oils for healthful and aromatic purposes
  • Salt Bricks and Blocks for cooking, Salt Plates and glasses for food and beverage consumption
and many other products related to Natural Salt. Our sophisticated technology and meticulous labor force makes us stand out from our competitors.
We have a culture of accepting and delivering bulk orders on time, and keeping communications open during the production process. We have time tested expertise in producing, storing, packaging, and delivering bulk Salt Products as well as the artisans and support employees necessary to customize orders to your specifications. 
We are committed to provide excellent quality and customer service to each of our precious accounts. Our experienced team is consistently working to stay on top of the market’s growing demand and evolving product requirements and areable to provide proactive services to each of our international customers.
Please take a few moments to review the information contained on our website, see our products and how they are made, and then contact us to open a discussion on how we can serve your needs.
Thank you

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